USA Road Trip 2009 (50/365)

Again, posting a day late. However, with this I’m announcing that the coming month, posting will actually continue to be very irregular, because… I’m going on a one-month USA road trip!!! (WARNING: long post ahead)

My girlfriend and I are leaving for Houston, TX, this Sunday, where we will stay with my parents for a few days and visit some old friends. Then, on Wednesday we drive off on our road trip to the West coast.

For about two and a half weeks, we will be driving to San Francisco and back, visiting lots of national parks and cities along the way. We don’t have a fixed plan yet, but some milestones along way will most likely include San Antonio, Grand Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Yosemite… I realize it’s quite a lot, and we’ll definitely favor «quality» over «quantity», but it’s good to have a general plan.

As for transportation, there’s no Tesla Roadster (like the toy car on this picture), but my mom was nice enough to allow us to take her Jeep Liberty on the trip, so we’ll have a very nice car to cruise around in. Plus, it saves us an aweful lot of $$$ on rental costs. (Note-to-self: find nice a way to thank mom for being so incredibly trustful and generous)

With regards to photography:

I’ll be taking my Nikon D90 with 18-200mm for sure (I actually bought the combo for this trip), probably will take my 50mm/1.4 as well (if only ’cause it’s so small anyway), and still thinking about what flash equipment to bring.
I’ve brought my flash along on quite a few day day-time occasions already, so I know it can make a big difference.

So, I’m thinking of bringing at least the SB-900, but I’ll try to bring the SB-600 if it fits as well. Not sure about the umbrellas and light stand / super clamp though….

Speaking of strobes:

See camera, setup and strobist info for technical details.

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